Microsoft posted a new update to their Office 2008 suite – version 12.1.4. This update is a fix for a bug created by the previous Office update (v12.1.3) which can prevent Entourage from sending & receiving meeting invitations.

The issue appears to occur most often with Identities that have both pop & exchange accounts configured & typically generates the following error:

“Unexpected Data was Encountered. Mail Could not be Sent.”

Error -17997

It seems that the 12.1.3 update broke a previously functional feature (namely, the ability to send & receive invitations from MS Exchange accounts). To Microsoft’s credit, they acknowledged the error & released a patch within (roughly) two weeks, which is not bad turnaround time. (We’ll leave the obvious question as to why they released another buggy update in the first place for another time…)

More information and the update itself can be found on Microsoft’s updates page.