Exploring the Google-verse

December 20, 2008


I recently wrote an article about Google for GetConnected Magazine, a local business & technology magazine connected to Blink Media Works & Massive Technology Show.

Having celebrated its 10th birthday, Google was getting a lot of press, so the idea was to go a bit of a different route & take a look at some of the criticisms of Google over the years, rather than simply rehash its (numerous) achievements.

GetConnected Magazine is distributed with the Globe & Mail & through London Drugs Limited, if you’re interested in tracking down a copy of the issue. If you’d just like to read the article itself, you can download a PDF copy of the article from the link below:

Exploring the Google-verse.pdf

Happy reading!


compresspdfworkflow1Last post I mentioned how Apple had moved the options for compressing PDFs from the Print Dialog to inside the Preview applications Save Dialog. While the process certainly works, it adds a number of additional steps that can end up being a bit of a pain if you make more than a few PDFs in a day.

Fortunately, Skycoast Pictures has created a workflow that restores the “Compress PDF” option to the Print Dialog. Simply download & install the package & you’re back to 1-step PDF creation!

You can find the package at Apple’s download site.

compresspdfworkflowOS X 10.5 does not exhibit the “Compress PDF” workflow on the Print dialog that used to appear in OS X 10.4. This has caused more than a little confusion and headache trying to get documents down to an appropriate size for emailing, etc.

The feature’s not lost, however. Apple (in their wisdom) has just decided to move the process into the Preview application. Here are the steps for compressing a PDF, as listed in Preview’s Help documentation:

To compress a PDF file:

Step 1

Open Preview, in your Applications folder.

Step 2

Choose File > Open, select the PDF file to compress, and then click Open.

Step 3

Choose File > Save As, choose Reduce File Size from the Quartz Filter pop-up menu, and choose a name and location for the new PDF file.

Step 4

Click Save.

Quite a few steps more than before, I know. Check out Part 2 for a return to 10.4-style PDF compression.