Setup Shaw email on the iPhone

July 10, 2009

iphone_homeI recently ran into some serious issues getting a client’s Shaw email account configured on their new iPhone. Using the settings copies from Mail, sending or receiving email on the phone would hang, sometimes taking the better part of 15 minutes & sometimes never sending at all. Often the the entire send/receive process would hang, requiring a reboot of the phone.

A bit of research (& a call to Shaw tech support for confirmation) revealed that Shaw has particular settings for use with mobile devices and that the standard settings used with desktop email applications will not work. More importantly, using Shaw’s own SMTP servers is not recommended by Shaw – for best performance, Shaw recommends using the SMTP server provided by Rogers or Fido.

What is frustrating about this arrangement, however, is that my experience has shown that even when using the SMTP server from Fido or Rogers, if wifi is enabled & connected to a wireless network, sending mail still takes so long as to be virtually unusable. In fact, in a thread posted on, a user states that Shaw tech support recommended disabling wifi when sending email – something which I confirmed provides a dramatic improvement in performance sending email.


On that note, the following are the settings to be used for setting up Shaw email on your iPhone. Please be aware – if you lan to configure a Shaw email account on your iPhone it is HIGHLY recommended that you disable wifi before sending email!

Setup Shaw email on the iPhone:

  1. Touch Settings
  2. Touch Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Touch Add Account
  4. Touch Other
  5. Acount & Password are your Shaw email account & password
  6. Select select the POP tab
  7. Username is the part of your email before
    1. ie: for would be name
  8. Host:
  9. Outgoing Mail Server: (Fido) or (Rogers)

Remember! If you have trouble sending email over wifi, turn your wifi OFF & resend!

Shaw’s Residential Email Service Details (external link)


3 Responses to “Setup Shaw email on the iPhone”

  1. Joel Carter said

    SMTP servers are usually filtered by IP to avoid being used as relay servers for spam. I’m surprised that it actually sends eventually through Rogers/Fido’s SMTP when you’re accessing it over wifi (and of course your respective wired ISP). Over the wifi, the Rogers/Fido SMTP server would see you weren’t coming from their network and block the connection. The best solution I’ve found – especially for laptops that travel from hotel to hotel and need to send via SMTP is DynDNS’s MailHop Outbound service ( $15/yr). Only caveat is that it requires SMTP authentication, hopefully you iPhone SMTP client supports that. Give it a shot and I bet it solves your problems.

  2. Gary Cerantola said

    I have had nothing but issues with my iPhone
    right now I can send but I can not receive email at
    can you send me some fix hints at my Gmail address:

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