Bell launches iPhone Today!!!

November 4, 2009

iphone_home.gifToday is Bell’s official launch of the iPhone running on the new HSPA+ network they built with TELUS.

The 16GB iPhone 3GS is $200 with a 3-year contract from Bell. There are 4 plans which run from $45-$95 per month plus fees, giving customers more choices in plans than currently exists with Rogers, whose website currently lists 2 iPhone packages for $65 or $80 per month.

While there are a few more options in terms of plans on offer, the packages themselves are largely in-line with those on offer from Rogers. Bell offers between 500MB & 2GB of data & 100-500 ‘anytime’ local minutes, depending on the package selected. Bell’s Local Fab Five option is included in all plans.

There are a few interesting points to note about the plans, however. All plans include free wifi access at any Starbucks and additional data charges are a flat 3¢/MB without an any additional penalties (Rogers charges 50¢/MB for the first 60MB of addititional data then drops the rate to 3¢/MB). According to the iPhone in Canada blog, the data plans in all packages include tethering, although I have been unable to confirm this on Bell’s website.

Less appealing is the fact that the iPhone’s Visual Voicemail feature is only available with the $75 & $95 plans. Seems like a pretty steep trade off just for some free wifi when you’re in a Starbucks.

TELUS is launching their iPhone offererings November 5. Check back then for more info.


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