Google Email Uploader for Mac Released

February 2, 2010


Late last week, Google released a Mac version of the Google Email Uploader application. The program can be used to upload emails from Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Eudora (or from any mbox or Maildir archive) to Google Apps hosted accounts. Finally, an easy way to centralize all those pre-gmail emails to an easily accessible (& searchable) location!

There is a drawback, however. Just like the Windows version, the application will only work with Google Apps email accounts. This means standard Google email accounts (accounts that end with or are not supported. It is unclear if & when support for accounts will be added.

On launch, the Uploader will try to find local email archives in their usual locations on Mac OS X:

  • Apple Mail: ~/Library/Mail
  • Eudora: ~/Eudora Folder
  • Thunderbird: ~/Library/Thunderbird

Individual mail folders from each archive can be selected, allowing you to pick & choose the emails you would like to upload. The Uploader will also attempt to preserve mail properties, such as Unread, Starred, Trashed, etc. & allows you to assign a custom label to the emails so they can be easily located once they have been uploaded. A screenshot of the interface is below:


Google has provided a few tips to ensure the best experience when using the Uploader. They suggest starting small, as after about 500 emails the performance drops quite dramatically. They also recommend assigning a custom label to emails (it’s enabled by default) so that you can easily locate emails once they have been uploaded. It can also take some time for the Google Apps servers to process the uploaded email so if they don’t appear right away, be patient.

“Log to Desktop” & “Emulation” (test-run) options are also available. Full details can be found at the Official Google Mac Blog.

To download the application, go to Google Code.

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